Hair care

Did you know that many women’s brands of hair care and styling products contain wheat/glutens?  I certainly didn’t!

Most of them now highlight in their ingredient lists items such as “hydrolized wheat protein” or “wheat amino acids”.  The wheat content is included in order to produce body and volume.

Through personal experience, I found out that eliminating the gluten from my body but still using shampoos/conditioners containing wheat made my hair super dry and fragile.  Essentially my hair started breaking off.  It just snapped like a piece of straw.

The first shampoos I found that didn’t have any gluten containing proteins, were men’s hair care and styling products since most men aren’t concerned with volume and body.  So I made the switch until I could find gluten-free women’s products.

This discovery was thanks to my husband who began actually reading labels on everything.  It also helped that his mother and sister were hair salon owners.

When I decided to get my hair colored or highlighted, I found that I’d have to call ahead to salons and ask if they had anything they used without gluten or wheat in it.  Needless to say I ended up educating several stylists along the way.
I can say that I’ve found a few product lines available in stores and several at beauty supply stores that seem to be gluten-free.   The beauty supply research was done courtesy of my mother-in-law at her local State Supply store.  She and I sat in the store for 2 hours reading every bottle determined to find a good quality shampoo and conditioner to start resurrecting my lifeless hair.

I came home with a gallon jug of shampoo and a gallon jug of conditioner that smells like i’m on vacation. You know that special smell that only salons seem to have in their products?  Needless to say, my hair today is so much healthier than when it used to dry out and break off constantly.

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